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forthcoming workshops

54th workshop: April 25 - 26, 2020

Yaron Carmel

photograph Yaron Carmel

Due to the corona pandemic crisis this seminar is postponed! The presumable new date:
January 30 - 31, 2021

In several ways we consider Carmel as a special person: Living today in Zichron Ya'akov, situated at the southern end of the Carmel Heights, he is only the second dance leader after Mishael Barzilai. (who visitied us in 1995) coming to Munich not as a choreographer of Israeli folk dances, but "just" as a "markid" (Hebrew for dance teacher). A fact which actually speaks for itself... But not only that: For the first time in our 26-year history we invited Carmel for a fifth time to Germany. He came already to our 30th, 31st , 34th and 41st weekend seminars (in the years 2007, 2008, 2010, and 2015), always with an absolutely successful teaching programme; please open this link in order to see the names of the dances which were taught in the past.

His three weekly dance sessions in the Hadera area and in the south of Lake Kinnereth dramatically changed the local dance scene in a very short period, as some local participants admirably pointed out. Despite his relative youth Carmel screens a noteworthy charisma, as he also understands to teach the dances of his colleagues in a remarkable manner. Regular participants of dance camps like Machol Europa (United Kingdom), Machol Hungaria (Hungary), or Hora Shalom (France) will surely remember him.

As a choreographer we can list Carmel so far with one dance only, namely Ha-Ishah Sheli (2019). Nevertheless, On his very fifth visit to Germany Carmel will not only teach often requested contemporary and new Israeli folk dances, but will also present some almost forgotten classics.

The instructions will be - as always - in English.

53rd workshop: Februry 1 - 2, 2020

Itzik Ben Dahan
photograph Itzik B Dahan

Itzik started dancing relatively late: He was already 23 years old when he attended his first beginners' course under the management of Perri Shachav and later a second one with Shim'on David in Kibbutz Giv'ath Brenner. Just a few years later he started to create his own choreographies, the couple dance Bishvil Q'tzat mi-Ahavathech (1995) being his first one.

For almost thirty years, Ben Dahan was torn between his activities as a professional soldier (disciplinary and responsible) as well as a dancer, dance master and teacher (originally just for fun). During this period he also completed some university studies combined with the "Ulpan", the Israeli training course for becoming a dance teacher (2007). In his own evening classes, currently in Yavneh, together with Benni Bar, or in Gedera with Mazal Tomar, Itzik is known as someone who pays special attention to body, arm and hand postures in addition to the pure step sequences.

Up to now he presented over 40 of his choreographies, including a few together with colleagues, such as Dudu Barzilai and the circle dance Nedivim (2011) or Yaron Elfasy with Shir shel Miriam (2016). Among his choreographies being popular abroad are - above all Terminal Shalosh or Th'filoth (both 2015) -, but worth mentioning also Khon Thachun (2016), Or Panas as well as Yihiyeh Lanu ha-Kol (both 2017).

Itzik Ben Dahan, married and father of two children, will give in Munich his first workshop outside of Israel. We from the Israelisches Tanzhaus are more than happy, of course, to give him as the first precisely that opportunity. On this weekend he will teach some of his own dances as well as several creations of his colleagues.

For a complete list of all dances by Itzik Ben Dahan please click here on, of course with thanks to the operator Jewish Australia.

The lessons are (as always) in easily understandable English.

There is the possibility to see some of the dances mentioned (and many more) on the Internet at link. Please note that in order to see the entire Viedeoclip, you firstly need to register on this page as a user.

venue: sports gym
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time schedule: Saturday: 12:00 h (from ca. 18:30 h on so-called free dancing until approx. 23 h)
Sunday: 10:00 h (from ca. 13:30 h on so-called free dancing until approx. 17 h)


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